World’s first ever pedal-powered cycle?

Historian Xu Quan Long claims this wooden cycle is is a recreatio of the world's first ever cycle. He says it was in use over 2000 years before the first wooden bicycle.

Xu said he stumbled across the discovery while studying the works of legendary ancient Chinese inventor Lu Ban, who was born more than 2,500 years ago.

Lu is credited with inventing devastating military weapons like a counterweighted 'cloud ladder' for storming castle defences, and a 'wooden bird' that could supposedly glide for three days without landing.

Link - via greendiary

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by angel12.

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When distinctly European mummies were found in China buried with oodles of technology previously credited to the Chinese of millennia later, the Chinese government teamed up with the National Geographic channel to "invent" a way to consider these mummies to be Chinese!

Their inventions are limitless.
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"The Chinese claim to have invented absolutely everything! All I say to the Chinese is - why didn't you invent the camera twelve hundred years ago so you could prove it?"
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"World’s first ever pedal-powered cycle?"

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