The (Near) Future of Video

The past ten years have been outrageously productive for the advancement of digital video. It seems like only yesterday we were waiting patiently for our downloads of 10 second clips that would be displayed as small flash, and the pre-YouTube world was a mess of digitization. Now, the technology has become so great, that web content seethes with embedded video on blogs, Facebook and Myspace.

Is it not obvious that this trend will continue to dominate the digital domain? The proliferation of cameras and editing software means the upload frequency will just bloom even more.

Behold this Vimeo clip that shows what your typical magazine might look like in the very near future.

VIV Mag Motion Cover - iPad Demo from Alexx Henry on Vimeo.

Vertical video! And that's only the beginning. Vertical panoramas are a newish trend in photography. It makes sense to format that way now, in light of the way more and more people view media -  on blogs or portable tablet devices.

Of course that's just my opinion. Any Neatoramanauts have any insights on the future of video?

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I rather find the video obtrusive and too slow for my tastes.

It's the same when I go to and there's a story that's only available as a video. I don't have time to sit through your entire video - I want to read the story and go.
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So what's new...

I remember when desk-top publishing eclipsed the staid and retarded old school of Graphic Design (Pulp Media).

It's lead was what we call Modern Visual Media today.

In Five years, we will either have this iteration in full 3D, with-out assisted aid, or have live feeds into
inter-cranial reception via the electro-magnetic spectrum...

Big deal, nah... Just progression into the blindness of our empty Souls.
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"The (Near) Future of Video"

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