10 Weird Miniature Versions of Normal Animals

Take a look at this lovely and cute collection of miniature copies of some animals, like the horse. Several breeds of horse are less than three feet tall!

People sometimes train them as service animals (be the first on your block with a “Seeing Eye Horse”), and even as house pets, since I presume they make tiny road apples. However, they are still horses when it comes down to it, and their natural reaction to being scared is to run like hell, so they won’t be replacing your Black Lab anytime soon for those long walks in the woods playing fetch.

Link - via weirdworm

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by euphoriajoca.

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Horses are so neat, but what I like about them is how imposing they really are in person. All my aunts have/had horses, and I've been stepped on by them and seen them freak out. It's frightening. You've got have respect for the animal to work with it.

Not that mini-horses aren't cute, but I think they lose something important along with the size.
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Actually, that's the same feeling I got after reading this, just like Foreigner1 said. It must be a little creepy. Maybe they'll make miniature bears too, that'll be a lot more fun
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I've seen a whole event with these small horses once. That was completely surreal. And I found some of the owners of these small animals a bit sick and weird- one of them having equally small dogs and sending their little daughter to pageants all dressed up the wrong way. Creepy.

I'd rather like the tank-like big worker-horse like the Belgian stallion. http://www.naturhov.dk/prod/litteratur-filer/HORSEPOWER-filer/image005.jpg
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