The 16 Best Dystopian Books Of All Time

The dystopian genre is a well traveled one, but despite it being somewhat overused and often predictable it can still produce real gems. Take The Handmaid's Tale, a book that some would probably argue has become relevant all over again of late:

Set in a future where disease and radiation have reduced fertility to a minimum, and a fascist military theocracy has taken over America (or at least part of it). Brutal in its critique of evangelist Christianity and their view on women, Handmaid’s Tale is a harrowing read at the best of times. In it, women have essentially been reduced to chattels, and the few fertile ones assigned to high-ranking military men in order to give them children.

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+1 for The Handmaid's Tale. I was a fan of dystopia in HS but when I read Atwood's book I thought it blew all the others out of the park. Perhaps because I can relate to the quiet horror of it better as a woman, or perhaps because it's beautifully written.
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Screw "The Handmaid's Tale". It is perhaps the worst of this august list.

That being said. I hated all of these works and do not regret reading a one of them. Why do the worst stories get the best writing?
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I love the Handmaid's Tale, and although I haven't read Revolt in 2100, I have a hard time believing that Margaret Atwood would intentionally plagiarize (or even mimic) another author's work. She is by far one of the best and most original authors of this century.
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Handmaid's Tale is actually not a critique, or, at least, not a proper one since many of the Scriptural references are misinterpreted and not fully contextualized.

It's more about the lengths to which men will go to maintain the subjection of women.
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