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I'm going to be microblogging from the set of Big Bang Theory this coming Tuesday night. The taping starts around 6:00pm PT, so tune in to our Facebook and Twitter pages starting a little before then. So long as my iPhone isn't confiscated and there's reception in the soundstage, we'll be holding at least one contest, perhaps two. Details as they unfold, but I already know what the prizes are going to be:

1. A 2-Disc Collector's Edition of Disney's Atlantis - The Lost Empire
2. Matt Groening’s The Simpson Futurama Crossover Crisis, a deluxe slip-cased hardcover
3. Any t-shirt from our the Science T-shirt section of our store.

If you want a chance to win, make sure you've Fanned us over on our Facebook page and are following us on Twitter.

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Agree with LisaL and Vishal - BBT is not funny; and it has a racist element. Last night's show (in the UK) had the little geeky guy rip off a Bollywood dance in a really offensive way. It's disappointing because i previously had the impression that the US was a progressive place and understood and appreciated the richness of India's spiritual and intellectual contributions past and future. Gross out show. Only ever watched in snatches before, won't be watching any now.
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I think The big bang theory is not true.Because according to the theory,all the mass of universe was concentrated in a single atom.Which is not possible.Even the universe is expanding it does not mean that it was concentrated in a single atom.So I think it is fate.The Big Bang Theory does no exists.
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big bang theory is very intelligent comedy ...but the racism in it is very highly disappointing ... to the point of abuse... especially i dont understand why english countries play so heavy on denigrating india.. using the terms such as third world.. first of all the third world term was coined by indian prime minister at the time of second world war .. india didnt want to be the part of it... indian prime minister at that time coined the term third world meaning the countries which wont participate in 2nd world war.. but these half witted english baffoons dont know the real meaning and use it to denigrate india.. second thing these western countries blow the trumpet of their richness and indian poverty all the time..have they forgotten the primary cause of the indian poverty is that india was colonized for 200 years by english ... ?
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