The Knife Pistol

Practical? Nope. Badass? Absolutely. Perhaps it's second only to the Double-barreled Sword Pistol. Who knew that the Gunblade is actually real?

Original photo from the answer page to last week's What is it? game. Catch us next week!

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Why all the fuss?
Do you think that we modern 21st-Century humans were the first to be gadget-fetishists if we could afford them...?

Rest assured that all through human history from the moment humans started to use tools, there have been people who just love to have something special that stands out. Nowadays iwe have our I-phones and blackberries and alikes and our special wheels on our special cars or our Guggy-bags for that. And if we in some years will look back on those are they all so very totally practical...?
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Ok people I have to say that if this is the first time you've seen anything like this on the net, you should be proud you get out more. I've read books with illustrations of gunswords, axeguns, gunknives, etc..
No matter how impractical a weapon like this is these days, if you put me in close combat with just one I'm going to do damage. Just a powder blast is enough to blind someone and take the advantage. I love these weapons but I think for this day and age all I need is one of those $10 million drones. :P
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"The Knife Pistol"

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