Breast Implant Stops Bullet

A Los Angeles shooting victim's breast implant may have saved her life by slowing the bullet before it reached her heart:

She survived a gunshot to the chest, but the the bullet left a scar and deflated the implant.

"She's just one lucky woman," Dr. Ashkan Ghavami told the LA Times. "I saw the CT scan. The bullet fragments were millimeters from her heart and her vital organs. Had she not had the implant, she might not be alive today."[...]

An LAPD firearms instructor told the Times it's possible the implant interrupted the velocity of the bullet.

"I don't want to say a boob job is the equivalent of a bulletproof vest," Scott Reitz told the Times. "So don't go getting breast enhancements as a means to deflect a possible incoming bullet."

Link via Say Uncle | Photo: NBC Los Angeles

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I read this online. A woman's implants were able to save her from a 9mm round. Was that luck or breasts can really stop bullets?
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Perhaps the act itself of getting the implants has changed her life and the decisions she has made in subtle ways such that had she never had them, she would never have been in the line of fire at that exact moment and in that exact position so as to get shot in the first place.
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There's nothing wrong with women who choose to have them but I'm still not a fan of the way they look.

I say that as a het woman who is a great lover of breasts. I draw a lot of them. Kind of a connoisseur. I'm my own biggest fan where mine are concerned.

Okay, I guess I'm starting to get a little too personal. >>.
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