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Our pals over at boingboing have just unveiled their latest masterboing: a full-page feature page. Kicking off the feature is our friend Maggie Koerth-Baker with an amazing post on NASA's Cassini space probe.
In 1997, we aimed a rocket towards Saturn and sent a 13-foot-wide satellite off on a mission to explore the strange worlds in our own (relative) backyard. This month, NASA announced plans to extend the Cassini space probe's Saturn sojourn until 2017—nine years longer than its original end date of 2008. Why, exactly, does Cassini need those extra years? Most people probably know the mission best for the spectacular space photography it's produced. But NASA is hoping to get more than just a gallery of beautiful images out of extending the orbiter's lifespan. Armed with an array of 12 instruments—more than twice the number of science tools included on normal missions—Cassini is sort of a Swiss Army Knife in the sky. As its mission continues, it will gather data that could help us pinpoint life-sustaining planets, or power our own with clean energy...

Read the full story and then drop Maggie a comment telling her what you think of the new full-page layout!

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Again- This leaves me to marvel in awe and wonder- All that beauty, all that splendor--- What else is out there for us to discover...

...And then to think that some people rally believe that all that immense universe is created just for us puny humans.....

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So the picture you posted is to small to see it, but in that image just a little left and up of the left side of last bright white ring is a white dot. That dot is earth. This picture is called pale blue dot reduex.
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