Teachers Suspended After Performing Lapdance at School

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Two teachers in Winnipeg, Manitoba were suspended from their jobs after performing a lapdance at a high school pep rally:

WINNIPEG — A pair of teachers engaging in risque business set off a media riot after a video of a simulated lap dance from a school event went viral.

The video, taken last Wednesday during a well-attended pep rally for Grade 9 through 12 students at Churchill High School, shows students giggling, gasping and screaming as a female teacher receives a strip club-style lap dance from a male teacher.

By Thursday afternoon, students were spreading a minute-long video of the dance among each other on Facebook. On Monday afternoon, clips from the video were aired on CBC television.

Tuesday night, one parent of a Churchill High student groaned after learning that the video had gone national. “They so, so crossed the line,” said the parent, whose daughter showed her the video last week.

http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/posted/archive/2010/02/24/winnipeg-teachers-suspended-after-lap-dance-goes-viral.aspx -- Thanks, Jeremy Barker!

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Everyone say's that the kids have seen worse, yes I'm sure they have, but they are not supposed to see anything of this nature from professional educators or so called! Teachers are supposed to be good role models and set standards for the youth. They are not supposed to try and be cool, try to fit in with the kids, try to be the most popular (their high school days and drama are already over, it's time to get serious), and they most definitely shouldn't perform lap dances or display any sexual acts in front of anyone much less at a high school pep rally where they are the adults that people are supposed to take seriously. What has the world become? If they feel the need to do things like this together they should just hide out in the janitors closet together or more appropriately leave their workplace and get a room!
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Ummm. I can't remember seeing any teacher of mine pretend to lap dance and perform cunnilingus on another teacher. If it were just the dance, I would be more forgiving.

These two should be fired for unprofessional conduct. There are way too many professionals looking for work to keep these two idiots on the payroll.
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Things happen...Yes in the name of fun and trying to raise much needed money for the school, both teachers should have used better judgement. There is know need for them to lose their jobs. You tube is enough.

They are good teachers. The male in the video really went to far... but then again.. Over half of TV shows the same thing.. Simply put the teachers should have put their thinking caps on.. as far as the students..
trust me....they see sexual realted images on TV every day including in cartoons.
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You know, what they did was unprofessional and really kind of dumb. They should be role models and set good examples for their students.

However, if it is so bad, and it does "corrupt the youth" so much... Why is it being publicized on almost every network news program?

I'm getting tired of the moral-police saying, "Look at this horrible thing!" and then showing it to us.

I think they should have been suspended for the act, but then the student should have been suspended for taping and posting to YouTube. And the networks that are putting this on their 6AM, 5PM, and 6PM news shows should be ashamed of themselves for what amounts to a boat-load of hypocrisy.
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I understand the teachers may have been trying to get a rise out of the students, but that is no reason to act like a hormonal 14 year old.

If it happens in public, and is worth watching it's gonna end up on YouTube or on a file sharing site.

I'm suprised they were just suspended, I'm sure I would have been fired at my workplace.
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