The Case of the Elderly Movie Pirate

An 88-year old man was caught videotaping Avatar in the movie theater ... for his wife who couldn't come to see it for herself. The police were called in, but the ending was different than you'd expect:

Police described the alleged film pirate as being 88 years old, about 152 centimetres tall, wearing large glasses and carrying a walking stick.

He said his wife couldn't come to the cinema, so he was recording the film for her to watch later. Police deleted the file from the video camera and let the man stay.

Link - via Fark

What? Discretion and compassion by the police? What has the world come to?! What happened to LAW AND ORDER!!! RAWR! RAGE!!1!!ONe

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Amazing restraint on both the part of the police and the readers of Neatorama. I expected some young kids to demand jailtime for the guy because they think thats what they would get, like that would teach the "man" or the "system" its lesson. Bravo to both!
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It's easy to say that this wouldn't happen in the US because we rarely hear about these cases no matter where they happen. The only reason we hear about the negative cases is because someone makes a stink and publicizes them. If no one makes a stink we remain blissfully unaware. We mainly hear about the officers who overreact or misbehave while thousands of officers all over the country go about their jobs with level heads and compassion.

No, I'm not a cop or even related to a cop. I just have the utmost respect for the good ones.
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