The REAL Reason Kevin Smith Was Kicked Off the Plane!

Late last week, film director Kevin Smith pulled an anti-Silent Bob by unleashing a barrage of HateTweets (Is that a word? No? It should be!) against Southwest Airlines for kicking him off a plane because he was too fat. Although they later apologized, Southwest stuck to its gun by labeling him as a "safety concern."

I don't know about you, but looking at the photo above, Southwest may have a point here.

Just kidding - actually that's just Kevin Smith "avatized" by Robert Paulson, who has now avatized a bunch of other celebs:

Hey all, I'm the Avatizer. Yeah, that one. I started doing these photoshops the weekend Avatar came out cause I liked the movie and thought it'd be fun to do a few of these. Well people seemed to like them and requested more and soon a few became a dozen and and then a bunch until I ended up with over a hundred of these things seemingly overnight.

As you can probably tell, my early ones are very rough, mainly because I didn't have much experience with photoshop when I started so I've had to essentially learn how to do this as I go along. Each manipulation can take as little as 20-30 minutes to as much as 4 or 5 hours (especially when I wasn't quite sure how to do it). Now each one takes roughly an hour and a half to do, depending on how detailed the resolution is and whether their are arms/hands/legs to do too. If you want a general idea of how I do it, check out this timelapse video I did for my Ellen Page edit.

Links: Avatized Pics Flickr Set | Kevin Smith on Twitter

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omg you skinny fucks are hateful ey?

"Comments aren't censored, but those that are abusive or off-topic may be edited or deleted."

Apparently, this is not the case.

this whole incident has opened my eyes to how human beings view one another.
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Yeah, fat people should stay home and rot in their la-z-boys, amirite? highfive!

If they want to be treated like people, they shouldn't get sick/injured/have bad genes/be allowed to eat what they like! lolfatpeople.
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