Hatfield The Rainmaker: The Man Who Courted Nature

Charles Hatfield called himself a "moisture accelerator". In 1916, he offered to make rain fall and fill the reservoir for San Diego. Hatfield suceeded to such an extent that the city suffered the worst floods in its history, with dozens of deaths and damages in excess of $4 million!
On January 1, 1916, Hatfield arrived at Morena Dam, some 60 miles east of San Diego, and set to work. First he erected a wooden tower about 20 feet high. On to of it he placed large galvanizing trays containing his special moisture attracting mixture. Then, through a process of chemical evaporation – the details of which he kept a closely guarded secret – he began “coaxing, wheedling, and courting” nature.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by MrGhaz.

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Wow! I never knew that the Widespread Panic song "Hatfield" was based on an actual person! From the lyrics (about the drought before Hatfield):

Wide awake in San Diego
Smallest root shrinking dry
The fish are swimming closer inside Lake Morena
Still get no rain from the sky

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in Brazil -- believe it or not --, there's a long-time respected Fundação Cacique Cobra Coral '[native] Chief Coral Snake Foundation', presided by the medium Adelaide Scritori, claiming controlling the weather.


It is so effective that City Administrations (Rio, São Paulo), and private organizations pays then a not-so-large fee to prevent raining during public events (open-air concerts, New Year's Eve...)
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Gauldar, I'm not sure Mother Nature showed him up at all. She seems to have provided what he and the San Diego city council wanted. Granted, perhaps they got a little more than they bargained for. But then again the verbal agreement was to "fill Morena Dam" and Mr. Hatfield did just that--to within 5 inches of the top!

That is one heck of a story, BTW.
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