Poor King Tut

King Tut may have brought the image of splendor and wealth to your mind, but the reality was far grimmer for the Egyptian boy king:

The report is the first DNA study ever conducted with ancient Egyptian royal mummies. It apparently solves several mysteries surrounding King Tut, including how he died and who his parents were.

"He was not a very strong pharaoh. He was not riding the chariots," said study team member Carsten Pusch, a geneticist at Germany's University of Tübingen. "Picture instead a frail, weak boy who had a bit of a club foot and who needed a cane to walk."

Regarding the revelation that King Tut's mother and father were brother and sister, Pusch said, "Inbreeding is not an advantage for biological or genetic fitness. Normally the health and immune system are reduced and malformations increase," he said.

Oh, and he's got malaria too: Link (Photo: Kenneth Garrett/National Geographic) - via Boing Boing

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King Tut had a butt...
I missed that one in my childhood! But I just went and looked up Steve Martin's King Tut song again... my favorite honkey. I loved that as a kid!
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So inbreeding ISN'T an advantage?

What earth-shattering news. So, we were wrong all along?

(guess I'm feeling sarcastic today- sorry)
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