A New Armored Wall to Replace Sandbag Emplacements

The traditional stacked sandbag emplacement of armies around the world may be on the way out. This new portable system called McCurdy’s Armor can be assembled by soldiers with no tools and provide solid protection from small arms and bombs:

The armor can be set up in a variety of arrangements (U-shaped, J-shaped, etc.), and in instances where troops are worried about armor piercing rounds a second layer of armor can supplement the structures. But the walls aren’t just a protective cocoon for far-flung outposts; ballistic windows offer protection while giving Marines a line of sight and the ability to fire downrange, meaning McCurdy’s Armor can be deployed as both a defensive stronghold as well as a tactical firing position.

When it’s time to pull up camp, Marines can quickly break down their ersatz stockade, stack it back in their vehicles and move on to fortify the next position without leaving a single thing behind. Just try pulling that off with sandbags.


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As a combat veteran who has dug many sandbags and had his Marines killed by sniper fire while standing behind a machinegun exposed from the chest up, I can promise you that anyone who has ever served would love to have this! Great invention and from the looks of their website (www.ddmat.com)they have tested against large bombs and done well, there's even video! BTW, if you think sandbags do good against bombs or trucks you are wrong! And honestly if the truck got close enough to ram it, then the guy inside wasn't doing his job. Get it into the field ASAP!
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