Pajama Jeans

Remember all the hullabaloo about a grocery store banning customers who shopped in pajamas? Well, your cries of outrage were heard, dear readers ...

Behold, the PajamaJeans:

The Pajama Jeans sports a bevy of details that make it look like a regular pair of dark wash pants - authentic denim color, high-contrast stitching, back pockets with stitched designs and brass rivets. If I didn't know better, I'd think you were wearing a pair of counterfeit designer jeans you bought from a powerselling Hong Kong dealer on eBay.

However, it really isn't. Unlike real jeans, it uses Dormisoft fabric (a proprietary blend of cotton and spandex) that's both stretchy and cushy, yet gives off a very jersey-like feel. Inside, it's completely brushed, making it as smooth as fleece. Basically, it's really just a pair of casual pants that should be so soft and comfortable, you wouldn't mind wearing them to bed. Like a more stylish pair of mom jeans, probably.


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I hear a lot of comments about people who would wear these being lazy, and it's as bad as wearing pajamas out of the house, and frankly it's pissing me off. I haven't tried this product but it would make a huge difference in my life as I suffer from a nickel allergy. So all belt buckles and zips and rivets and buttons on the jeans makes me suffer an allergic reaction, making life as a teenage girl hell. What teenage girl doesn't want to wear jeans? Jeans are a style that never goes out of trend. A pair of pants that look like jeans without the harsh metal zips and buttons? To be able to actually wear jeans? Yea, I think I'd give them a go. For some people, it's not just about the comfort/slob feeling of pajama pants, it's about being able to wear something that looks like jeans when you aren't able to wear actual jeans.
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I had seen this commercial on TV a month ago or so and only saw good comments online about it. Today, I decided to order a pair of the jeans. First of all, the website is poorly done and one of the links to order doesn't come up. Finally, i manage to come up with an order form that is confusing, it asks me for a second size and all i can figure out is that they need a second size in case they're all out of the first size so I put in a second size. I fill in my credit card info and click on the next arrow only to find out that I've ordered two pairs of pats and $31.80 in handling fees for a total of $91.70. I was never warned that i wouldn't be able to double check my order. I looked for an email addy to complain to and found nothing. When i tried to call them on one of their 800 lines I was informed that the order would be practically shipped over night. I tried to call Custmoer Support but it's a holiday. I could reach someone if I tried to order another pair, I'm sure but I have a feeling that they'd just say i'd have to complain Monday and it's not their problem.

The pants cost me $29.95 because i saved a little money for attempting to leave their website, it was supposed to cost $7.95 for s/h and now they've managed to charge me $91.70 for something that should have been approximately $38. These pants had better be worth it. Oh, also, they keep putting up these options you have to purchase stuff before you finally order your jeans, you have a chance to order a stupid pillow for only $15 and when you click on no you next get a chance to buy some jewelry so when you finally click on that you impatiently click on no again and they've got you, you've ordered two pairs of pants when you wanted one and double the amount of s/h with no address to complain to. Fortunately, there are places the consumer can complain to online and perhaps the TV station where the ad was played. BEWARE.
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Adults can wear what they want, it is no one else's business what any one else wears, and besides they dont look tacky. There are countries where wearing dresses is the norm for men so who cares if someone wants to sport pajama jeans
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