Mirror Scenes

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How many times have looked in a mirror and saw someone you didn't realize was there with you? Never? Well, it happens a LOT in the movies. -via FilmDrunk

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We'll never get the rain forest paved over with people like this around. Next thing he'll be claiming global warming isn't good for the economy. And another thing, tell the truth. Didn't tunafish taste better when it had a little dolphin in it? Every fish caught in the net is money. Throw nothing back. Strip mining is a money crop not flowers. The flower industry doesn't make the gross and good old iron ore mine does, so for the betterment of mankind, ban all flower growers.
This guy scares me. "Live for the day?" "Try to leave the earth as it was before you stepped on it?" Maybe he has mental problems. Go easy on him.
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from my point of view is that the guy he didnt have to give it all away, but i think he knows what he is doing my be he is coming with another way of getting other money
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It is very commendable that he gave his money away to charities but I don't think he should have given ALL of it to them.A lot of charities are crooked and he may have WASTED some of that money.I would have made sure I kept enough of the money to make a comfortable life for the remaining years of MY LIFE and my Familys.I would have given some of the money to The Red Cross and to The Goodfellows organizations.
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"Mirror Scenes"

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