How Cars are Turning You Into Crappier Drivers

If everyone had to learn how to handle a stick shift, parallel park, and find their way around first, then the new automatic systems would be an assist instead of an excuse to drive without thinking. Let's take a look at some ways technology does the driving for you.

The roads have already been laid out for us with painted lines, color codes lights and signs with pictures on them, all we need to do is stay in between the aforementioned lines, and try not put our cars into the back seats of other cars. For several decades now, a driver’s only technological distraction was the radio. Getting from point A to point B has never been easier, in theory.


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I think everyone is a crappy driver from time to time, we just forget or don't realize when we're the ones screwing up. However, we'll be upset beyond belief when that SUV has the gall to get in front of us without a turn signal.
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I hate cars with super power steering. Feels like you are floating in a big boat and no contact with the road. I like to be able to feel the tires gripping when I turn the steering wheel.
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Growing up in the muscle car era tough us a lot about controlling cars while doing inadvisable things. Antilock brakes are great, but many of these systems sound quite scary. I take my kids driving in snowstorms and also show them how to handle a car in icy parking lots so they are ready for a sketchy situation, lack of traction etc.

I wish we could get the rest of the people of Wisconsin to buy cars that can handle the winter climate, accelerate to freeway speeds safely etc. I don't know if it is incompetence,panic, low brain reaction speed or feeble cars that are the cause of the inexplicable crappy driving I am witnessing today.
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