Greatest Possible Food: A Taco Bell Cheesy Double Beef Burrito Stuffed Sausage Log Wrapped in Bacon

Today is a sad day for enterprising cooks, for the greatest possible food has now been invented. What could possibly surpass this invention by Smoking Meat Forums user Fire it up?

Link via Geekologie

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Thin the sausage a bit, add more bacon. Go lighter on the tortilla, add more cheese. Maybe make sure the sausage has some good range of spices? Otherwise too much sausage, definitely. Possibly a light breading. Is this thing baked? Need a way to evenly cook it and still have the bacon crispy. Also, if you slice this thin enough, just have maybe one or two slices, it won't actually be that bad. Kind of a shame, seems like a waste of bacon though, adding a burrito? If you replaced the burrito with just cheese, cheese-stuffed spicy sausage wrapped in bacon? Sounds pretty alright.
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What's sad is that the creators actually had a GOOD idea at first. Look at the first entry in the whole thing. It's sausage with marinated mozzarella and garlic. It's like cheddar wurst, only better. Even stuffing some bacon in the middle sounds halfway decent. Would be nice in moderation for breakfast. But seriously? This is disgusting. They even said it was bad in the original posting.
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I feel as though I must introduce Neato readers to the Brat-Saus-Ner.

It is a hot dog inside a sausage inside a bratwurst held together with bacon and deep fried. It also has cream cheese as a caulking agent. what a way to die, no?
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I would like to order 2 of them, and a Rolling Rock. I'll drink the beer while I watch my mother- in law woof down the sandwiches, keel over, and "poof", here comes my inheritance.
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"I've got news for you: You are eating insects, dogs and rats anytime you eat American cuisine. (and a lot of other disgusting stuff) Assuming of course that you eat the average American diet. That's why we are so healthy. You are what you eat, or at least, you are what you don't shit."


I ask again, who is "we"?
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