4 Historically Significant Flips of a Coin

It's a 50/50 chance.  Many basic decisions are made by flipping a coin every day.  There have also been decisions made in the past using this act that have made quite an impact on history.  Here are a few of them.
Buddy Holly had chartered a plane out of Fargo, North Dakota to fly his band out after one of the buses broke down. Richardson managed to get on the plane after pleading with Buddy Holly’s guitarist (Waylon Jennings) for his seat. Holly’s other band member flipped a coin with Richie Valens to see who got the other seat. Valens won.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by sish2000.

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if everyone who claims to have given their seat to ritchie had died there would have been no rockers left in the world. buddy would have had to charter a 747 for all of the claiments
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I used to know a guy who was an accomplished golfer and pianist, skilled enough that he was considering making a career of one of them. He knew he'd have to focus on one or the other, and he just couldn't choose, so he flipped a coin. It came up heads and he became a composer and music professor.
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