Scientific Evidence that the Entire Universe Is a Holographic Projection around the Earth

Go get your protective tin foil hat, because you're going to need it. German scientists have been trying to understand why their equipment that measures gravitational waves has been picking up a particular sound. One possible answer that they've come up with is that the entire universe is a holographic illusion:

For many months, the GEO600 team-members had been scratching their heads over inexplicable noise that is plaguing their giant detector. Then, out of the blue, a researcher approached them with an explanation. In fact, he had even predicted the noise before he knew they were detecting it. According to Craig Hogan, a physicist at the Fermilab particle physics lab in Batavia, Illinois, GEO600 has stumbled upon the fundamental limit of space-time - the point where space-time stops behaving like the smooth continuum Einstein described and instead dissolves into "grains", just as a newspaper photograph dissolves into dots as you zoom in. "It looks like GEO600 is being buffeted by the microscopic quantum convulsions of space-time," says Hogan.

If this doesn't blow your socks off, then Hogan, who has just been appointed director of Fermilab's Center for Particle Astrophysics, has an even bigger shock in store: "If the GEO600 result is what I suspect it is, then we are all living in a giant cosmic hologram."

The idea that we live in a hologram probably sounds absurd, but it is a natural extension of our best understanding of black holes, and something with a pretty firm theoretical footing. It has also been surprisingly helpful for physicists wrestling with theories of how the universe works at its most fundamental level.

The holograms you find on credit cards and banknotes are etched on two-dimensional plastic films. When light bounces off them, it recreates the appearance of a 3D image. In the 1990s physicists Leonard Susskind and Nobel prizewinner Gerard 't Hooft suggested that the same principle might apply to the universe as a whole. Our everyday experience might itself be a holographic projection of physical processes that take place on a distant, 2D surface.

Link via reddit | Photo: NASA

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Oh dear...a lot of you do not understand our brain relative to this holographic model. Remember the brain, guys? Our complex sensory organ? If we were holograms projected from a distant 2-dimensional surface then what we are experiencing as "solid" would also illusion. Remember taking Philosophy a long time ago? Remember the idea that all science epistems from Philosophy? No? Well read up on that.

If we are 3D holograms, then would not our brains process our own information as being solid? When we touch matter, it is solid because OUR BRAINS tell us it is. I know it is hard to believe, but even Einstein came across this Holographic Universe paradigm, but he also thought it was ridiculous. But remember that progress does not happen in Science if you're bias and conservative about the ideologies presented. Science is a system. Just as spirituality is a system. If I want to get to the moon, sure as hell I would use Physics. It works. If I wanted to reach total enlightenment and be one with the universe, I will talk to the Dalai Lama. I doubt Physics would tell me how to reach enlightenment, and I doubt spirituality will tell me how to reach the moon. Got it?

Science is the MOST BIASED system there is. Oh, and get this, IT IS CONSTANTLY CHANGING. It is just like humans to think their current system is the be all end all. You will come to find out it is not.

Oh, and if we don't understand something, that does NOT mean it is "irrelevant." Listen to yourselves, hahaha. It is irrelevant because we don't understand it and that is kind of egocentric. We don't understand most of the information stored in our DNA and we call it "genetic junk"...what?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOO silly humans, we call it genetic junk because we are so full of ourselves, think our systems SOOOOOOOO perfect, that this stuff could not possibly have meaning right?, there is a reason why it is there. We just do not have the right information to know it. Our tools are still pretty primitive in the grand scheme of things. And if there are people our there with Ph.Ds (and lots of them, mind you) saying that we could be living in a Holographic world...then why don't you open your closed mind to the possibilities? Do you know for sure all your science is the epitome of the best?

If so, then why aren't we time-traveling? Why aren't we teleporting, why haven't we traveled to far reaches of the universe? I know!!! It is because we do not have the technology. We are too bias to believe there could be something BEYOND physics (well, rather, extensions to physics) and extensions to Calculus. There are more dimensions than just what we see. That in itself tells you we need to add more to our systems. We need to discover more.

Get over yourselves.
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What!!!!!! This is beyond my understanding.
This reminds me of the multimillion dollar camera used by NASA to film the earth from space. A man in England replicated it with a digital camara and a portable car navigation equipment. Total cost $300.00.

Why do these guy make things so complecated and confusing..Simply put they dont know what is causing the noise.
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The majority of the things we "touch" are 99.9% empty space. They appear solid because of the interaction between various elemental particles. So a person who automatically disregards this article based on their "touching" things is wrong...
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I bet all intelligent people suffer existential crises at one point or another...

isn't this basically just saying that there are more dimensions than we can detect? that's not exactly new
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