Russian Roulette for Kids

Kaba Kick is a toy available in...well, somewhere in East Asia, presumably. It's like Russian roulette, but for kids:

The player points the gun at his or her own head and pulls the trigger. Instead of bullets, a pair of feet kick out from the barrel (which is shaped like a pink hippo). If the gun doesn’t fire, the player earns points.

What could possibly go wrong?

Link via GearFuse

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Wow I watched a review on youtube by a man. Its real and I was shoked (and laughing histariclly But my age lets me) who had one He gaught it to review it but still I will give it the fact that its messed up that they "Instruct you to aim at your head" But its not the worst I have seen there is a pez gun that was remade to a realistic it really shoots pez and really fast give the pez to the head its like real roullette
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I just don't care for the concept. For one thing, it creates a sense of oneupmanship, which is unnecessary in a toy.

Other than that, it's a little disturbing to see kids pretending to blow their brains out, and then laughing about it. It hits a little harder home than cops and robbers and water pistols.
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I see now why this could be bad, but it's harmless.

I know because my brother had one when we were kids. Only his looked like a real six shooter but instead of a barrel there was a ring which held an inflated balloon, and on 1 in 6 shots a little pin would prick the balloon and it would pop! I used to to play russian roulette with my friends.

I don't know all of those kids now, but I'm pretty sure none of us has taken the sport up on an adult level. Now that I think about it, I wish I still had it... it would make a good drinking game. I think a japanese friend of ours gave it to him, but I'm not sure.
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I don't know, Shecky, maybe you could use some common googling sense to find all the fantastically dismal examples of kids doing just what you think they won't and suffering a lifetime of consequences (or not).

I have yet to find an instance of a kid killing himself via toy gun. Nor of a kid who got the idea to kill himself from a toy gun.Especially a toy gun that looks nothing like a real firearm. Furthermore, why is this any different if a kid pointed the toy gun at his friend and fired? Which, you must be sure, happens all the time. The problem seems to be the adults who cannot believe children know the difference between play and real life. Finally, if you have a kid who really cannot tell the difference, then by all means, KEEP ALL YOUR FIREARMS LOCKED AWAY! That is the responsible thing to do.
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