Can Older Movies Be Made Into 3-D Versions?

With the rise in popularity of a certain movie lately, and its stunning advancements in 3-D technology, the titular question is being asked worldwide.  The short answer?  Yes, but it won't look very good.  Shucks, there goes my dream of seeing The Empire Strikes Back in glorious 3-D.

The Michael Jackson tribute at the Grammys last night, for instance, caused headaches and nausea among many.  This is a sign that despite the verdict, prepare for a whole new way to decide if you want to see a movie in 3-D or not, because the bad versions are coming.
Shooting a film in 3-D requires some careful decision-making so as to maximize the depth effect while minimizing potential eyestrain. Directors may feel constrained by these limitations. In any case, not every 3-D director agrees that conversion works just as well. James Cameron, for one, has criticized Tim Burton for using this approach in his upcoming feature, Alice in Wonderland: "It doesn't make any sense to shoot in 2-D and convert to 3-D," he said.

Link to Slate article.   (Photo: Wikipedia)

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What "stunning advancements in 3-D technology"?

It looks like a gooddamned cardboard cutout or a popup book. I was annoyed twofold because my boyfriend looked so unsexy with 3D glasses and it made wearing our normal glasses underneath a tad annoying.

If you want to offer a movie in 3D, go for it. But don't make it the only way to see it. It doesn't actually improve the viewing experience at all.
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Due to the fact that I have only one good eye I don't get the 3D effect. But I did notice on the Avatar movie that I had to wear the stupid glasses or some of the screen was fuzzy. How will the 3d effect transfer to DVD for home use. Will if have 2 formats, 3D & non-3D. Or will I have to wear the stupid glasses or put up with the fuzzy picture.
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I've been a 3D fan for years. If your obsessive, like me, you can root through old movies where the camera is traveling sideways, or orbiting the subject. Steal a couple of frames for your left right pair and viola! A 3D still of Minas Tirith or Seven of Nine! I can cross or wall-eye pretty well so all I needed to do was put the images side by side. If set up for cross eyed, just put your finger on the screen and look at it as you bring it closer. Just look at the finger. At the right distance the two pictures will overlap to make a third. Just look at your finger and relax. Most people will, over a couple of minutes, be able to move their focus to the screen.
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I actually like 3D. The most recent movie I watched in 3D was Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, but I couldn't even tell I was watching 3D (but other than that I do like 3D.).

I'd like a pair of my own 3D glasses. D:
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