Earth is Becoming Less Detectable to Extraterrestrials

Scientists meeting for a SETI conference have been told that recent developments in communications technology are rendering the Earth less detectable to alien civilizations.
In the past, TV and radio programmes were broadcast from huge ground stations that transmitted signals at thousands of watts. These could be picked up relatively easily across the depths of space, astronomers calculated.

Now, most TV and radio programmes are transmitted from satellites that typically use only 75 watts and have aerials pointing toward Earth, rather than into space...

"Very soon we will become undetectable," he said. In short, in space no one will hear us at all.

People will react in different ways to this news, depending on whether one's vision of alien life is that of a Reese's Pieces-munching E.T., an all-knowing elder race, a Grey, a Predator, or any of an endless number of other possibilities.

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Now how will Lrrr from Omicron Persei 8 be able to watch the perky young lawyer McNeil???

Actually this may help us ignore the pesky young civilizations that are just JIBBERING IN ALL CAPS across the galaxy so we can concentrate on talking to the more intelligent races that set up beacons designed to attract those who want to talk intelligently.....

(Oh crap, is there a galactic Chris Hansen Dateline Predator channel out there?????)
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I bet advanced alien races probably have more highly advanced ways of detecting life on other planets, systems, etc. I bet they can even tell how delicious we are and whether it's worth a fast food run to come to Earth and eat us up.
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The most detectable time in our history would have been when VHF TV was broadcasting during the daytime only in the USA. That would have created a beacon like effect for those transmissions. They would have traveled about 60 light years by now and if there was someone 30 light years away we might get a response. Then again there may be a mode of communication we haven't even discovered and the galaxy might be screaming with communications. SETI would be like natives with drums listening for radio signals.
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