Dyalogues: The Anti-Twitter

Our pals Jason Menayan of HubPages and Kevin Lee have created what is probably the perfect antithesis to Twitter. Their new website, Dyalogues, aims to facilitate meaningful back-and-forth discussions between two (and only two) people.

Jason explains:

Dyalogues are online conversations between exactly two people. It's like blogging and tweeting back and forth with another person, about a topic that you want to discuss with each other and share with the world. Dyaloguers can debate politics, review a movie together, or even interview each other. The best part is that you have total control over the pace and whom you dyalogue with.

It's an interesting concept that's actually a lot easier to show than to explain (Dyalogues' "about us" page illustrates the concept perfectly). So far, there have been almost 300 "dyalogues" completed during their beta period, with topics ranging from Does Rush Limbaugh deserve the flack he gets? to Jersey Shore: Inspirational or Trash?

To kick start the website, Jason and Kevin have created a contest, called Dyalogues Around The World, with the Grand Prize of $500 and 5 Runner Up Prizes of $100 each. All you have to do is have a dyalogue with someone in the month of February :)


(Disclosure: Yes, Neatorama is listed as a sponsor but there's no financial compensation involved here, folks - we agreed to spread the word about Dyalogues in exchange with them putting our logo on the contest webpage.)

Now, who wants to have a dyalogue with me?

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Boredas & Berick: To each their own. If you're familiar with forum threadjacking and abusive comments in blogs, you'll understand why some people will want to chat with just one other person. It's also the most common form of human communication (think about it!).

Besides, other people can contribute to a dyalogue - they can post a comment on any argument they want. It will not, however, upstage or derail the main conversation between the two people.

As for exploitation by spammers: doesn't that happen everywhere online? We plan on promoting the best-quality stuff on the site. There is plenty of it already.
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I'm actually with Boredas on this one. At first I was thinking "What an interesting idea!", but as I read through some of the dyalogues, it left me quite unsatisfied. The best thing about a debate is being able to participate in it!

Meanwhile, sites such as "Science Philosophy Chat Forums" (http://www.sciencechatforum.com/) allow for very intelligent open debate about any subject with anyone and everyone.
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you can listen any time we have a conversation together ;)

the dyalogue website is pointless and inefficient method of just TWO people communicating.

its just a simple, restricted forum and will eventually be used by people shamelessly self promoting their own thoughts or get taken over by marketing companies ninja promoting their products and talking about them in an effort to look like real people - much like the ones appearing on twitter now.

Why would people want to type talk in a closed off method on a public website?
It doesn't give a chance for others to contribute and at best it shows what someone else's view on a subject could be.

Take a look at the top subjects already, you can see its pointless drivvel by half of the people just to get their point score up and win the £1000 - only never to be heard of again.

Maybe you could counter with, we could have had this debate on that site - but then i would have had to register and only you and me can comment on it: Here i am already registered and many other peoples thoughts can be heard too, which is exactly my point in the begining.
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