A Tight Fit

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This guy has a small car, for a good reason. The car is 1.49 meters wide. The garage is 1.55 meters wide. You don't have to understand Flemish to know what this video is about. Note how he manages to get out of the car! -via Cynical-C

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Hmmm... I'm from Belgium and I can tell you for sure the dutch language and flemish language are largely the same: same rules, same spelling, some words are different, most depending on cultural differences, most difference is the 'vlaamse' (flemish) of 'hollandse' (dutch) accent. Included in the speech are some french words like "mousse" (the soft borders inside the garage) and "Voilá" ("Look-There") The subtitles are provided for understanding the accent. LOL. I've never thought the guy would that much attention. The guy is really pissed of because of his media attention. :-)
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as far as i know flemish is not a official language in begium, hence the accent part. i can understand the guy as well, dutch as well...
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"The subtitles appear to be in the same language he is speaking. Closed Captioning?"
"he's speaking with somewhat of a accent so they subtitle it"
both wrong, he's speaking Flemish, and it's subtitled in Dutch, the two do sound the same, but I cant actually make out what he's saying, and I'm Dutch
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he's speaking with somewhat of a accent so they subtitle it :). Also the voila that pops up is because he's from belgium that officialy speaks dutch AND french.

btw, a smart is wider than this, so it wont fit :) A old style mini might work. or a fiat 500.
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