The Weird Experiences of 7 Dead Bodies

For some, there's no rest even in death. Read these crazy stories about the experiences of seven dead bodies. For example, pianist André Tchaíkowsky made his Shakespearean debut after his death.
Despite his demise in 1982 André Tchaíkowsky has recently starred in a Royal Shakespeare Company production of Hamlet in the role of Yorick alongside David Tennant, one of the most famous actors in Britain. Those of you who know a bit about Shakespeare have figured it out by now; for the rest of you: Yorick is not a speaking role, he is a skull. Mr. Tchaikowsky had to die to play the role, which is some serious method acting (top that Sean Penn). In his will Tchaikowsky left his skull to the RSC for use in plays. While many actors playing Hamlet have rehearsed with his skull before, Tennant was the first to actually use it during live performances. Creepy.


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I guess ted is ignorant that human skulls are used in a MIRIAD of things and that there is a long history of their use in many different fields.

How do you think they train Dentists and the people who make Dentures?

How do you think the tested the MRI machine when it was being developed.

What do you think the person who drew Gray's Anatomy used as a model?

How do you think they make an artificial skull? They make a cast from the real one!!

Would ted prefer that these people use grave digger bones or ones from political prisoners in China?

I think it is a great idea to use the skull of someone who WANTED to play Yorick and in case ted also didn't know there have been DOZENS of people who were actors in life who have willed their skulls to theater companies. It is a tradition that goes back centuries.
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We heard about the skull last year when we went to see the play, but due to the public reaction it was getting the theater announced a fake would be brought in for the rest of he run. Whether it was the real thing or not the night we saw it, the presence of that skull had a powerful effect both on the actors and the audience. It brought a whole new level to the line "my gorge rises at it". It was quite visceral.
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