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It's not "Yum yum yum", it's "Nom nom nom"! This kitten will tell you all about it. -via Unique Daily

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Please cut this guy some slack. You can tell he cares for the welfare of these two sweet creatures. They have food and shelter unlike so many other animals that are discarded into the elements like so much trash.
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Wow, I guess I don't know anything about cats...I've worked with dogs for years and I've never seen one make such a cute sound when telling someone to get away from their food! That submissive look on the other kitty was so pitiful and looks just like my overly submissive dog :(
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I see that what I came in here to say haz been said - and very well.

Encouraging aggression in a young cat is no smarter than encouraging it in a dog.
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my family has had many dogs, including 3 jack russell terriers.
they can be naturally aggressive around their food bowl unless you get them out of it when they are puppies. essentially the same way as this guy is being with this kitten... except he should be telling it "no" and letting it know it's not a good behaviour.

now our dogs willingly share (tail-wagging included) with anyone who'd want a "taste". :) (makes it a lot safer for unwitting children)

still a cute kitten, tho!
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