Fun Facts About Sloths

Despite sharing a name with the deadly sin of laziness, sloths aren't all that slow and they don't sleep all day either. But they stay so still that scientists had to glue electrodes to their heads to tell when they slept! The sloth's lack of activity is their camouflage to avoid being eaten by eagles.
To that end, sloths have picked up a couple of useful adaptations. First, they're covered in a unique sort of fur that's an ideal breeding ground for algae. Second, they're able to spend most daylight hours immobile and, when they do move, it's usually very, very slowly. The result: From the air, sloths look more like green vegetation than tasty, meaty eagle snack.

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(image credit: flickrfavorites)

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Sloths are my favorite type of animal! I didn't know the DWA had the only 3-toed sloth on display in the US. I went there on a whim when I was visiting Texas this past summer and came upon it unexpectedly. Lucky! Was totally not expecting to see a sloth at an aquarium.

Other interesting facts:

Sloths only come down once a week to poop

They're one of the few/only mammals whose hair grows away from its extremities
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