Windpipe Transplanted Twice in Same Patient

Linda De Croock was injured in a traffic accident 25 years ago that left her with a crushed windpipe. Since then, her throat has been held open by metal stents until a new procedure in organ transplant gave her a new trachea. Dr. Pierre Delaere and his team at the University Hospital in Leuven, Belgium transplanted the windpipe twice to acclimate the patient to the new organ.
The windpipe was taken from a dead man and implanted in her forearm where her own tissue grew around the cartilage scaffold. When the organ came to be transplanted to her throat, her body did not consider it foreign and accepted it.

It is thought to be the first time an organ as large as a windpipe has been implanted into the recipient's body to develop before the final transplant.

Ms de Croock did not have to take anti-rejection drugs, which meant she was not at risk of complications such as a higher likelihood of cancer.

Dr. Delaere waited a year after the successful surgery before reporting on it to the New England Journal of Medicine. They hope this technique will help other transplant patients live without anti-rejection drugs. Link -via Discover Magazine

(image credit: AP)

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Zhoen, I read several source articles about this, and was surprised to see that the only time "trachea" was mentioned was in a quote from the doctor. I wanted to mention both terms in this item, just to be clear. If I were you, I'd use both with patients as well, and explain they are the same.
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Is trachea such a medical term that it's not generally understood?

I'm a nurse, so this is a genuine question. Should I always translate this for my patients?
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