The Craziest Cult Leaders You've Never Heard Of

Everybody knows who Manson, Koresh, and Jones are.  These are a few cult leaders that didn't reach the same level in the media.  But their behavior and actions were equally disturbing. Pictured is Wayne Bent (or Michael Travesser), who founded the Lord of our Righteousness Church.

Wayne, now calling himself Michael Travesser, decided that October 31, 2007 was a good day for the world to end and proceeded to relay that information to his congregation. There were stings attached, however, as he also told the congregation that God also told him that he needed to sleep with seven virgins before that happened.

Cult members offered up their daughters and Travesser obliged them by making sure God’s work was done. October 31 came and went. When the world continued to function, some cult members became disenchanted, left, and narc’d on their leader. He was arrested, tried, and convicted of criminal sexual contact with minors and was sentenced to 18 years in state prison.


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This is fascinating and creepy, but it would be even more so if it were true. Here we have a creepy guy who thinks different stuff than we think and sure looks like a nut, so we don't mind that they double-timed him into a stiff prison sentence for doing nothing illegal. The jerk never screwed any kids. Who cares, he's an evil freak, right? Well, the problem is that when we don't care when people who creep us out are unjustly persecuted and blatantly lied about by careless media organs, we pave the way for it to happen to people we do like or to our very selves. It's not so far off as you might think. Look who crooked, powerful Orwellian thought-police like ADL and SPLC consider "terrorists." it could be your brother just for serving in Iraq and donating to Ron Paul.
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God works in mysterious ways. Maybe he WAS going to end it, but decided that Prophet Wayne Bent's faithfulness (and that of his congregation, who so freely offered their daughters) was enough to keep it going. Just like Lot saved himself by giving his daughters to the mob! Didn't the Patriarch of Christianity, Jewism and Muslism -- Abraham -- prove his fathfulness by his willingness to kill his own son with his own hands? A small thing, in comparison, allowing your daughter to sleep with a true prophet. Wayne Bent is in jail, perhaps as the savior of the world. Most people are too cynical to understand that God does exist, and DOES NOT LIKE to be doubted, or HIS WAYS criticised by sinners. It is a sign of your REBELLIOUS SPIRIT. BeWARE...
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