Who's Renting What on Netflix?

The New York Times has a set of infographics showing the popularity of certain movies distributed in the zip codes of several cities, based on their incidence of Netflix rental. Netflix provided this data on the fifty most popular movies of 2009. Hover over each map to see what movies were the most popular in neighborhoods of a city. The infographic above shows the distribution of Yes Man rentals in Atlanta, Georgia.

Link via Fast Company

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I's like to know if all the zipcodes are well represented. That would explain some discrepancies around Boston in Dorechester/Roxbury or the Hanscom field airforce base...

And of course cross analyzing those data with sociological data (income, race as Colin put it, age...) is a project in itself that would be very interesting, no doubt.
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Speaking of Netflix. It used to be cool... now EVERYONE is using it and I have to deal with "short wait" "long wait" on a good chunk of the movies I want to watch when new releases are available. It never used to be that way! They are cramming in new customers beyond the available resources.
How is this good service?? its annoying!
Reminds me of the titanic... too many people...not enough boats.
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Having lived in Atlanta it's spot on to where the areas of white people verses black people live (hint, white is black). No of course not 100% but I can tell you having visited all over the city people this map maps out the areas quite well.
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Per Benjamin Button: Yes, horrific waste of film and time (how DOES this crap get made?) but, if you look it up, it's kind of a bizarre/funny short story in its original form.
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