German Women's Magazine Will Use Only Amateur Models

Franca Cuneo poses on Capri. In real life, the 28-year-old is a restaurateur in Hamburg.

Brigitte, a German fashion magazine, has announced that it will no longer employ professional models for its fashion shoots.
But something about the photos looks different. A prominent tummy here and noticeable wrinkles there reveal that these are not size-zero Amazons straight from the catwalk, but real women. As of the January issue, which hit the newsstands Saturday, Brigitte will use only amateur models in its fashion shoots.

The public response has been overwhelmingly favorable, including thousands of applications from potential models.  The German press has been more skeptical, noting that the models chosen to date may be amateurs, but they still "correspond to the conventional ideas of beauty," suggesting that the entire enterprise is a publicity stunt.

Link, photo credit.

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I think that you should wear what works for your body, not what the ad said you should buy. All to often you see an attractive person wearing cloths that would be flattering had they tried on a few and found the right size and cut. Instead so many seem to think that it needs to say a certain size on the tag or they can't buy it.

Some argue that this is due to media telling us we should be no bigger than a crack head otherwise don't leave your front door. People need to shop for what is functional for them and look at advertisements as entertainment.
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Copout: meet cop. Out.

If you want to respond honestly, yeah, you do actually have to read my post. If you don't want to, you can't really respond to it, by definition.
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violet, your post was way too long to read.

Something about "read Fat Girl's post, because men have it way easier than women".

That's a copout. That's assuming that young women are too stupid to think for themselves. That's assuming that young women absolutely NEED the media to tell them how to look, how to feel, how to act.

If you're "bombarded with images" that don't appeal to you, then don't buy that magazine/product. Do something else. Feel good about yourself.

And men do have the same pressures. The (stereotypical) difference? Men are shallow enough to care just about looks. Women are shallow enough to care just about money.
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Cola? Are you single?

I am and I'd love to date a beautiful woman like you.

Ok, we'd have to meet first and this wasn't serious at all. Just saying you're attractive.. :)

If you can see ribs.. just.. *shudders*
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in the very least they should get people who know how to photoshop well.

@ cola: I don't even know what you are trying to say...

do you disagree that fat women get upset when they see thin models? do you think they're totally cool with it? i thought that is what this whole thing was about...


you seem to take things personally, which would be why you posted a picture of yourself in a discussion about magazine models, rather than focusing on the models or something else that matters.

@ fat girl: you seem to have a well rounded perspective on this whole thing, especially since you've been both fat and thin. i also wouldn't advocate a one body type exclusivity in magazines, but i would hope that any sort of larger models would be integrated into the industry based on their personal aptitude as models or based on the genuine desires of a consumer base, rather than as a scheme to seem progressive or to save money.

i'm a fan of reality like that.
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