Wooden Car Powered By Wood-Burning Boiler

Dutch artist and inventor Joost Conijn refitted his Citro├źn with wooden panels and installed a wood-burning boiler for propulsion. He then traveled around Eastern Europe, documenting people's reactions to his odd car.

I'm just a bit skeptical because the engine in the video doesn't sound like steam engine and the car moves at a pretty phenomenal rate of speed for a steam engine. But I have read that during World War II, some cars in Sweden were converted to wood-burning engines due to a scarcity of oil, so a functional steam engine modern car should be hypothetically possible.

What do you think? Is this real or a hoax?

http://www.divus.cz/umelec/en/pages/umelec.php?id=196&roc=2002&cis=2 via Make | YouTube Video | Artist's Website (Google Translator Version)

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The actual steam powered Citroen DS is mine and was made in the US in 1974. The website is www.firedragon.com/~kap/SteamTopics/steamcar.html

I do like the idea of producer gas and think it could be made easier than a steam car. If it really isn't very user friendly for everyday use, then perhaps you don't have to use it every day.... This is great fun and that's what it was for--an adventure.
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The process is known as 'pyrolization", and it essentially partially decomposes the wood into a burnable gas. It is carbon-neutral too as burning wood produces the same amount of carbon dioxide as it would rotting on the ground. It would of course produce more particulates, so a solution would have to be found for that. During the 1920's thought the 1950's it was a popular technology as gasoline was either expensive or in short supply. There were factory produced wood gas cars made by Volkswagen and Toyota, and GM and Ford offered factory retrofit kits. Today, these boilers are highly prized as they are of a very good quality as compared to most of the home brew solutions used today.
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Yes it was common to run these wood 'digesters' on cars throughout Europe during WWII when petrol/gasolene was rationed and often hard to get.

As for steam cars, yes they can go fast - Jay Leno a couple of years ago was clocked over 75mph on a US freeway in a 1906 Stanley steamer running on kerosene. Some modern ones have been produced by individuals - but there were some experiments by the big manufacturers in the 1970s, including Saab and GM - neither put the car into production though - a great pity.
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