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Here at Neatorama, we're always looking for ways to make our site more entertaining, which is why I found this recent comment by giltwist useful:

Neatorama's biggest strength and biggest weakness is that there is no specialization to the stories. I think you might attract more users if there was something, anything that was a Neatorama staple that made me check back looking for particular weekly columns. The closest to that you have right now are those bathroom reader things, and those are pretty hit-or-miss for me. What ever became of Miss Celania's video blogging? I remember the raisin milkshake then nothing.

We aim to please, which is why Alex has graciously allowed me to experiment with this post: a weekly tour of interesting tidbits in geek culture. Do you like it? Would you like to see more? Share your feedback in the comments.

1. Star Wars With a Laugh Track

(YouTube Link)

YouTube user CaptainChirac added a laugh track to the Luke/Vader confrontation scene in The Empire Strikes Back to turn this dramatic epic into a comedy. (via Topless Robot)

2. Star Trek Cross-Stitch

Craftster user coincollect408 made this amazing cross-stitch that looks as precise as a low-resolution photograph. (Link via Geek Crafts)

3. Buffy/Twilight Mashup

(YouTube Link)

Buffy thinks of Edward as a creepy stalker rather than as a sultry, romatic figure. (via Jockeystreet)

4. Giant Welded 12-Sided Die

Paul Edward Carson made this huge, welded d12 for those occasions when he needs "to generate a random number between 1 and 12 while destroying my house...." (Link via Make)

5. Superheroes/Dr. Seuss Mashups

Artist Ryan Dunlavey offers these mashups of superhero comics and Dr. Seuss book covers. ( via io9)

Is this something that you would like to see more of? Let us know -- we take your feedback very seriously.

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I like it, and there's something I'd really like to see too, that has been brought to my attention with all these year end lists and decade end lists.

A weekly (or if there's not enough stuff) a monthly recap of all that's new in the world, with link to proper complete articles. But something that points out all the cool things created or found in the world over the last month.

It would be I suppose more of a science/tech spin, but there are always new creatures too (like the strawberry crab). It would be pretty awesome if there were a repository on a regular basis highlighting all the great things discovered/created in the world.
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I love cool glomps of goodness!
THIS is the cool stuff I save and forward to all my friends and family off neatorama!
I have faith in you once again!
Please continue with this!
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as i started watching that star wars clip, i was like "meh" until i thought about how bad star wars is and then i joined in the laughter.
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