Parachute Panorama

Flugpano Papierfassung in Italy

We've featured many of 360 Cities' panoramas on Neatorama, but this one is quite unique: Martin Hertel took this panorama shot while parachuting near Campocroce, Italy!

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It depends what you mean by "trickery" ;-) - it's a real photo alright. Certainly there was some cleaning up done in photoshop - any "perfect" photo has been "cleaned up a bit". But is it "trickery"? I don't think so. "Ninja master", maybe ;-)

This type of "fully spherical" panorama is made from multiple pictures - there is literally no other way to create a *completely* spherical image, than by joining more than one photo together. This one was done handheld with no tripod, and thus it was probably a lot more work than usual getting all the images to line up perfectly. But in principle it's exactly the same as using a panoramic tripod head and a tripod (along with SLR camera and fisheye lens).

If you want to read more about how these images are made, you can do so on our page:

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He's actually paragliding, not parachuting. He is flying forwards with a low sink rate, and can stay up for hours with no motor by riding thermals (rising drafts of warm air). Instead of jumping from a plane, he took off from a nearby mountain, and the wing is quite a bit larger than a parachute.

Spectacular photo, I want to know how it was done!
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How the hell did he do that???
Okay- you can see some hint to that in the reflection of his shades. But you cannot find anything in the picture...!

...How did he do that?
Or is this some computerpicturemoddingtrickery...?

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