How Jews Survived WWII in Caves

For nearly two years in the early 1940's, the Stermer family and other Ukranian Jews hid from their oppressors using a system of underground caves. The majority of Ukranian Jews in the western region of that country were shipped to ghettos or concentration camps. That they were able to survive and adapt was made all the more remarkable in that none of them had any experience with caves.

The discovery of "two partially intact stone walls and other signs of habitation" within the Grotto piqued his team's interest. Locals told the team about a group of Ukrainian Jews that had lived in the caves, but whether there were any survivors remained a mystery. Nicola devoted the next decade of his life to figuring out the full story, until he finally "located six of the cave survivors, most of them members of the extended Stermer family."

In an interview with National Geographic Adventure, Nicola explained what made the cave dwellers' story so special. "The chance of a Jewish person surviving at all [in western Ukraine] was less than 5 percent. But what made this story different, and what is rarely seen in any Holocaust survival story, is how these families stayed virtually intact," Nicola is quoted as saying.

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Dearest Carlo- I'm not a Christian, please do not presume my belief in any supernatural account of the events surrounding the fate of the human known as Jesus. But the independent history, as reliable as any other from the period, is that he was killed by the only people he ever fought: the money lending Jews, who despite Roman occupation acted as co-authorities in the area. An occupying force such as these Romans rarely enjoys sufficient power to totally abandon diplomacy, and Jews seem to have a knack for working within and manipulating prevailing systems to do their bidding, just as they have US troops shedding their blood to preserve Israeli hegemony in the middle east. Roman soldiers were tasked with carrying out the judgment these Pharisees alone sought. In the Jews' own holy Talmud, Sanhedrin 43a, it is stated: out of deference to the Romans' concern for Jesus' welfare, a pretense of an argument on Christ's behalf had to be mounted by the Sanhedrin because Jesus had "close connections with the non-Jewish (Roman) authorities who were interested in his acquittal." At Gittin 57a, the name of Jesus is rendered as "sinner of Israel," boiling for eternity in excrement.

But you are more wrong when you state that the same arguments as my own were used to "justify" the "death camps." Nobody ever tried to "justify" a "death camp" because nobody was ever aware of a camp fitting this postwar Jewish propaganda buzzword. Concentration camps, also known as prisons, existed in German territories, just as they did here, though conditions were far worse in a region besieged by war and starvation, targeted for total infrastructure breakdown by allied bombs.

The difference between "nazi" propaganda (posters on walls) and Jewish propaganda (virtually all postwar, pre-internet western entertainment, news and academic media remotely relevant to Jewish interests) is that the "Nazis" actually believed theirs.

I apologize for such heavy-hearted commentary on Neatorama. I adore this website, loving things neat as much as the rest of you; that Star Wars laugh track video, for example, had me in tears yesterday. But please see things from the perspective of a member of an ethnic group collectively maligned, persecuted and deliberately 'genocided' through immigration for use of a far-fetched weapon of mass destruction never found or proven to exist. There is nothing 'neat' about the 20th century Jewish experience in Ukraine, but it is everything offensive to what the Ukrainian people suffered at the hands of this tribe. Unfortunately, the Ukrainians don't dominate donations to both major political parties and thus OWN congress, they don't own the vast majority of the media and banking institutions and occupy the US professorate. If they did, we'd all know about the (real) Holodomor instead of the "Holocaust" (Dresden was a *true* Holocaust), and the world would be much, much, much more peaceful.
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“The chance of a Jewish person surviving at all [in western Ukraine] was less than 5 percent."

This should be viewed with reflection on three considerations:

(1) Like most Jewish adults in the region, and especially considering their well-developed cave bases, these were probably "partisan" fighters (terrorists), notorious for illegally "fighting" in civilian uniform and the savage mutilations of European (mostly German) soldiers that later prompted the many mass shootings of Jews on the eastern front that comprise 95+% of Jews that actually were murdered by the 3rd Reich rather than merely dying of typhus or starvation or fleeing to Palestine, Miami or LA along with millions of others.

(2) That the Ukrainians treated Jews especially badly can be better understood with reflection on the overwhelmingly Jewish leadership of Soviet communist organs, particularly the bloodthirsty NKVD. Only a few years before the war came to Ukraine, TENS OF MILLIONS of Ukrainian gentiles were murdered in a plot orchestrated by the Jewish nationalist NKVD chief Lazar Kaganovich, who told his New-Jersey-based nephew biographer "Whatever is best for the Jews, let only that guide your actions." His henchman were all Jews, and the Jewish nature of this greatest of all mass murders was as well understood as the Jewish nature of the betrayal of Spain to the Moors, the murder of Jesus Christ, the murder of the Polish elite at Katyn, the murder of the Romanovs, the outbreak of WWII, the purveyance of WWI, etc etc.

(3) It has only been since the total victory of Jewish-controlled forces over Europe in 1945, the "Frankfurt School" Jewish takeover of the US professorate and the near-total Jewish acquisition of western media (major television networks, newspapers, publishing houses, etc.) beginning shortly before that time, and the subsequent barrage of Jewish "holocaust" propaganda films, television programs, books, etc., etc., etc., that the Jews have come to be seen as great victims rather than the exact opposite. The Ukrainians were certainly not alone in resenting intense racial chauvinism for which Jews remain infamous outside of the TV-addled west, or the many hateful, uniquely exclusivist passages in their holy texts that describe non-Jews as animals. Despite the major mitigating effect of the internet and free access to forbidden ("hateful") truths, the 21st century can be seen as a continuation of the greatest PR-campaign in history, with the "gas chamber" WMD legend at its core.

The best way to understand the Ukrainian attitude toward Jews would be to begin with the writings of the once leading Zionist-turned-heroic defector Benjamin Freedman or, for a more modern context, the Jewish-born hero and world famous saxophonist Gilad Atzmon.
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