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Largest Man Made Crater

The Storax Sedan test {wiki} was a nuclear test conducted in Nevada in 1961. The aim was to explore nuclear bombs for non-military uses, such as mining, but the resulting contamination affected more people than any other nuclear test. It left behind the largest manmade crater in the US. The Sedan crater is now on the Historic Register.

The nuclear device buried 635 ft under the ground displaced 11,000,000 tons of soil, leaving a crater 320 ft. deep and with a diameter of 1280 ft. It is the largest depression caused by a nuclear detonation. Over 10,000 people visit the crater every year. The test took place on July 6, 1962 and resulted in large amounts of radioactive fallout. The negative effects and health concerns apart, it remains a sight to behold.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by THC55.

"The aim was to explore nuclear bombs for non-military uses, " - that sounds rather specious. More likely it was a rather lame excuse for continuing to test munitions in an irresponsible way.
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I thought this article was about the world's heaviest person being dropped somewhere from a high altitude.

"Largest Man Made Crater"

Hyphens are your friends.
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Pol X, you moron, the MLB is the highest order of baseball, players from all over the world end up there, from Japan, Taiwan, all over South America, just to name a few places.
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Sure, Peter, but why call it the World Series if it's just in the US?

I don't think Pol is a moron for pointing that out. He wasn't saying there was no world competition of baseball.
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I remember being puzzled by the World Series since I was old enough to learn to run to first base. But it's one of those things, like the dropped third strike rule, that you go along with despite its inherent ridiculousness.

Besides, where is the link to the largest manmade crater in the world?
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Ah the vitriol of anonymity.

I was saying that there is no world cup of base ball.

Yet there is a level of solipsism to refer to it as the world series.
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Just a small correction. While the official name is the National Register of Historic Places it is generally shortened to the National Register. The Historic Register is incorrect.

Happy New Year!
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