The History of the Chocolate Chip Cookie

The cookies we all know and love started out as a mistake!
In 1930, a dietitian who owned a tourist lodge was cooking and baking for her guests. Unfortunately, she ran out of the baker’s chocolate she needed for the chocolate cookies that were on the menu. She hurriedly substituted a chocolate bar — cut up into tiny pieces — assuming they would melt. They didn’t — they just softened, instead.

The mistake turned out all right for her in the end, and even brought her a lifetime supply of chocolate! -via the Presurfer

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I don't understand. She assumed they would melt and turn the entire cookie chocolate? Don't you mix the baking chocolate with the batter before baking them? Also, as far as I know chocolate does melt. Take some cookies out of the oven and the chocolate will be completely melted. It doesn't firm up until they cool some. The story just seems a bit forced, doesn't seem like it was really an accident. Just something she tried and it turned out really well.
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Not the most informational article about the history of the "Toll House Cookie" online! It fails to even mention Mrs Wakefield by name.

She was not a dietitian- she ran a restaurant which specialized in 'home cooked meals.' Her Toll House restaurant was well regarded in the US for many years for reasons other than the cookie.
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I just did my final project on the history of chocolate chip cookies for my Information Resources for Research class. Thanks Ruth Wakefield. American cookies would be no where without her!
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