The Physics of Space Battles

We've seen space wars fought in movies and TV shows for almost a hundred years now, but what would a real-life space battle be like? It wouldn't be like the movies, that's for sure!
In principle, yes, your enemy could come at you from any direction at all. In practice, though, the Buggers are going to do no such thing. At least, not until someone invents an FTL drive, and we can actually pop our battle fleets into existence anywhere near our enemies. The marauding space fleets are going to be governed by orbit dynamics – not just of their own ships in orbit around planets and suns, but those planets' orbits. For the same reason that we have Space Shuttle launch delays, we'll be able to tell exactly what trajectories our enemies could take between planets: the launch window. At any given point in time, there are only so many routes from here to Mars that will leave our imperialist forces enough fuel and energy to put down the colonists' revolt.

That's just the beginning of the difference we would see between a movie battle and what would happen in the outer space we have. Read more at Gizmodo. Link -via Digg

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if hypothetically speaking we were to engage in a space battle with our current level of Technology we'll get hammered, as all the bad guys would have to do is bomb us into an oblivion from outer orbit and any attempt at defending ourselves(Tactical Nuclear Warheads,) would be intercepted before they even leave the Atmosphere.

If on the otherhand you are talking about a conventional Battle your best bet would be to hang your Flagship at a fair distance and send manned nuke Bombers in to take out the Bad Guys as it were. Kinda like mosquitoes to a Tiger
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The novel that, in my experience, has the most "accurate" depiction of space combat is the amazing Joe Haldeman's classic The Forever War.

Most of it happens while they're in stasis, by computers guessing about things light years away.
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Natey exactly my thoughts. :-D And then look at what happened within the next 20 years...

Once there is a live-or-die nescessity to evolve this kind of battles and the tools to fight them, we will see things FAR beyond any imagination that article or we in general can even muster right now.

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Interesting article... but about as satisfying as reading an essay entitled "Aerial Dogfights 100 Years From Now" by the Wright brothers. I'm sure their description would have involved lots of rope, pulleys, and smartly dressed mustachioed gentlemen.
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