Another Global Warming Menace: Black Carbon!

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Just when you thought that the world is safe from the One World Government that is meeting in Copenhagen, here comes another menace: black carbon. Okay, okay. We know it more commonly as soot, but you have to admit it sounds much cooler when you say "black carbon."

A new modeling study from NASA confirms that when tiny air pollution particles we commonly call soot – also known as black carbon – travel along wind currents from densely populated south Asian cities and accumulate over a climate hotspot called the Tibetan Plateau, the result may be anything but inconsequential.

In fact, the new research, by NASA’s William Lau and collaborators, reinforces with detailed numerical analysis what earlier studies suggest: that soot and dust contribute as much (or more) to atmospheric warming in the Himalayas as greenhouse gases. This warming fuels the melting of glaciers and could threaten fresh water resources in a region that is home to more than a billion people.

Lau explored the causes of rapid melting, which occurs primarily in the western Tibetan Plateau, beginning each year in April and extending through early fall. The brisk melting coincides with the time when concentrations of aerosols like soot and dust transported from places like India and Nepal are most dense in the atmosphere.

"Over areas of the Himalayas, the rate of warming is more than five times faster than warming globally," said William Lau, head of atmospheric sciences at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. "Based on the differences it’s not difficult to conclude that greenhouse gases are not the sole agents of change in this region. There’s a localized phenomenon at play."

A true danger or just another bogeyman? You decide: Link

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third worlders shouldn't consume like first worlders (because they're not as good as we are),

so they should reduce their emissions (and by extension, economic development and production) so we can keep over-consuming.
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Oh no, Alex! Don't invoke the wrath of the secret rulers of the universe!!!1! The scientists will kill us with their secret psychokinesis for stepping out of line!!!
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