Urban Foxes

You would expect a fox to steer clear of humans whenever possible, but here are six stories of foxes who are just fine moving into human territory, or even with humans themselves!

The closest most of us get to a fox is when we spot one under the garden shed or rummaging in our bins. Steve Edgington, however, has a daily brush with one – because it has moved into his home. The vixen, Miss Snooks, was taken into Mr Edgington’s pet shop as a ten-day-old cub after being found seemingly abandoned by her family six years ago. Since then, she has resisted all attempts to reintroduce her to the wild, returning through the catflap, and is instead content to live in Mr Edgington’s one-bedroom flat above the shop in Ditchling, East Sussex.


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@ Cola


It is not nice to -take- animals from nature, but if one finds itself in your lap and you wind up taking good care of it, why should you push it away if it -wants- to stay? There are some exceptions when dealing with rarer species, but I hardly think that something "common" that was raised with people should be forced out in an environment it doesn't know how to deal with.

The real problem lies with irresponsible ownership-- keeping something inappropriate or not taking proper care of it. I've seen a lot of people who take in wild baby birds and then kill them via malnutrition (white bread soaked in milk, anyone?). There's also a problem of taking in something you just can't handle. Sure, a baby rabbit is cute now, but will you still love it when it grows up and lives as long as a cat does?

I share my flat with a starling (they are an invasive pest in my area so I was allowed to keep her), and she is just wonderful. They make far better pets than what is currently offered in pet stores-- they can learn to mimic sounds, they can't bite or hurt you like a large parrot, and they're very pretty. My only complaint is she can't really eat the food I can buy in stores; I've got to make it myself. She'll make a mess with her baths too, but that's more cute than annoying. She's celebrating her 5th birthday this summer :3
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*nodnod* Well said Cola.
Foxes are so cute. Wish we could have one, but I dunno if I have the patience for it.. specially if they keep that wild streak in them.
So I'll just admire from afar :) We see them every once in a while running across the street in our neighborhood.
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This is the same thing that led cats and dogs into our lives, too. The members of their wild species that could tolerate people were welcomed in and became domesticated, which if you think about it is a huge evolutionary benefit to them.

Although they still aren't terribly good pets at the moment, it's possible domestication is the next logical step for some of these wild species whose habitat is being encroached on.
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