The Worlds Best, Worst, and Strangest Police Cars

Police cars that are sports cars, smart cars, and off road vehicles from all over the world.

While our cars say something about our personality, they are also tools we use to get a job done. One of those jobs is police work, and sometimes the police cars can be just as unique as our own personalities and the jobs they need to do. Here's a list of over 30 different police cars from around the world, with everything from exotic sports cars, small mini cars, huge SUV's off road vehicles, luxury sedans, buses and trailers. Chances are if it's on the road there's probably a police force using it.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by digimouse.

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Okay, I'm going to settle this grammar debate once and for all. I was an English major in college.

The title should read,

"The World's Best, Worst, and Strangest Police Cars"

because "World" shows ownership of "cars" and in this context, "Worlds" does not mean "World Is."

So there. We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming, re: the point of the article and not the title of the article.

Therefore, this is a neat article and the car pictures included are fun to look at. But it makes me think about how many dollars are spent on these kinds of government-owned vehicles. Even if they were donated, the cost of upkeep and maintenance would most likely be higher than regular cars. Of course, I'm not a car expert, just an English expert. Ha ha. :P
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Helmix. Worlds = more then one world. World's = the next phrase or word belongs to or is a property of the world. Worlds' = the next phrase or word belongs to or is a property of the more than one world.

We are supposed to learn this in grammar school around third grade. JohnnyCat, since I pointed it out and you agreed, why haven't you updated the title to be correct? Thanks man.
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