The Smallest Apartment in New York City

Zaarath and Christopher Prokop and their two cats live in the smallest apartment in New York City -- just 175 square feet. For its size, it's reasonably well-equipped with a shower, sink, toilet, refrigerator, and hotplate. In The New York Post, Angela Montefinise writes:

The couple wakes up every morning in their queen-size bed, which takes up one-third of the living space.

They then walk five feet toward the tiny kitchen, where they pull out their workout clothes, which are folded neatly in two cabinets above the sink. A third cabinet holds several containers of espresso for their only kitchen appliance, a cappuccino maker.

To keep the floor clean, the couple uses a Roomba. More pictures at the link.

Link via Jammie Wearing Fool | Photo: Angel Chevrbstt

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stupid fools.

i'm all about small spaces....when that's all you can afford. however, this story makes me sick for a number of reasons. 1. it was frivolous purchase just for kicks to see how small they could go 2. their lifestyles are anything but economically reasonable - to eat out nightly and have your clothes chronically stashed at dry cleaners or your offices is ridiculous 3. the apartment itself has been turned into a booze-hound's museum 4. oh and the poor cats... god forbid if somebody farts in the middle of the night and they asphyxiate!!

i do believe this could have been a worhwhile purchase for a single person who is good with money but cannot afford millions for a home in manhattan. but these people are poster-children for why there is bad blood between those who struggle and those who have money (which is in no way a bad thing) but waste it on stupid shit.
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They don't cook, clean or do laundry, and have plenty of money to spend to prevent themselves from having to do those things -- because they don't have room to do any cooking or laundry at home.

I'm gonna say "wasteful and ignorant" on this one.
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You folks are supporting a culture that is stupid beyond belief. If you talented enough to afford this absurdisty, you could thrive and be wealthy in many communities around the country. WAKE UP!
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