The Angriest Americans

Got anger? A new national survey of 1,800 Americans by Scott Schieman reveal that chances are, you're either young, have kids (duh!) or have less education.

For one, people under 30 experienced anger of all forms or intensities more frequently than did older adults. This was mainly due to the fact that young people are more likely to be affected by three core stressors that can trigger angry feelings, Schieman said:

* Time pressures
* Economic hardship
* Interpersonal conflict at the workplace

Time pressures had the strongest link to anger, especially low-grade versions termed "feelings of annoyance," the study found.

Those who were under financial strain tended to report higher levels of anger, a connection that could be particularly important in today's flagging economy, Schieman noted. The financial influence tended to be stronger among women and younger adults.

Having children was also associated with angry feelings and behaviors, such as yelling, particularly in women, the survey found.

"There's obviously a lot of joys and benefits that come with parenthood," but other aspects of parenting, such as having to discipline a misbehaving child, can cause feelings of anger and annoyance, Schieman said.


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dartef, if those things are what you think will bring happiness, you shold try looking in better places. Fast sex, divorce, and minimum wage are all dead ends as far as happiness goes. Try again.
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Why shouldn't older people be more happy.

They got everything!

No AIDS during their sexual peaks. The Pill. Having sex w/o condoms. Socially approved of drug use in the 1970's. Easy divorce. They were out of the minimum wage range by the time it was frozen for ten years under Reagan Bush, the longest ever in history, and out of the range when it was frozen a SECOND ten year period from the 90's to the mid 2000's. They got everything and their children will live poorer and shorter lives than they will.
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I think that they missed the major factor for streesful anger in younger people, a sense of idealism.
SO many younger people expect much more of themselves, their careers and their children than previous generations did.
Once if you were a farmers son, you would become a farmer.
Now we are much more driven to strive for (often) unobtainable successes and feel like failures if we are unable to juggle education + work + children, or a combination there of.
This particularly applies to younger women.
Older people have learned to accept that their children are quite alright without knowing three languages by the time they are 12, that the washing will wait until tomorrow, they can chuck a sick day without the whole company dissolving in financial ruin, and most importantly, that everyone else is just as messed up as they are.
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