What is it? Game 118

Hooray! It's time for our weekly collaboration with the What Is It? Blog. Can you guess the purpose of this week's object?

Place your guess in the comment section. One guess per comment, please, though you can enter as many as you'd like. Don't put any URL or web links, mmkay? Doing so will forfeit your entry.

The first correct answer (posted before the answer is revealed at the What is it? Blog), as well as the funniest yet ultimately incorrect guess will win a free T-Shirt from the Neatorama Shop.

For more clues, check out the What is it? Blog. Good luck!

Update 12/5/09 - the answer is:A Mongolian Flint Fire Striker, it's made from very high carbon tool steel, and throws a good hot spark. There is a compartment inside for holding flint or tinder. Congratulations to Bruno Cabral who got it right first and to Muppetmaker for the funny but wrong guess of Wizard of Oz scarecrow's man purse.

Tibetan lighter. They might be from the tibet/nepal region in general. In the pouch are pieces of flint that you strike against the blade to make a spark. Immune to moisture, cannot break.
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It's japanese, leather, part of armor or sheath, the flower is a chrysanthemum, which represents the emperor of Japan, probably early 1900's during military buildup (I hope!)
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When the Scarecrow of OZ decides to do drag shows, this is his purse, where he keeps some extra straw to stuff the chest, a little bottle of deer urine musk to drive the men wild, and a can of pepper spray for when the cowardly lion gets a little too excited.
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I know, because I have one very similar to it: It's primitive fire starting kit. The pouch contains tinder and the steel is struck against flint to produce sparks.

Mine came from Mongolia, a souvenir my wife brought back from a trip to China.
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I saw this in the bathroom at the White House during a State Dinner about 10 years ago.

I was told it was Hillary Clinton's personal shaver to get at and trim the dense undergrowth that Bill found so unappetizing.

Was a gift from some Russian porn site.
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This is a strange guess but a form of a razor for women perhaps. The flowers on the leather part of the object makes me think that it was probably used by someone femine. Or perhaps if it is not it could be my lunch for I am feeling quite hungry.
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It is Chaucer's Zippo.

Possibly a flint and steel set. Flint and tinder go in the pouch. To start a fire place tinder on wood. strike flint along the curved edge of the iron piece. This will create the soarks to start a fire.
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It's obviously an ipod touch and digital camera case. Even back then they needed a way to stop pickpockets (hence the blade). I can't believe this is even an issue! :)
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It's a scalp cleaner from the Victorian age, for removing the crud that builds up from wearing wigs too long. Because it has flowers on it means it was owned by a woman.
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