The Creepiest Places You Can Spend the Night

The world is full of nightmarish places, and many are open to the public. If you are a real thrill seeker, some will let you stay the night -if you dare! For example, you could stay at Margam Castle in Wales.

Many years ago, the beautiful woman who once owned the castle died suddenly and without explanation. Some people said it was a murder, yet others were convinced she ended her own life. Do you have the nerve to spend a night in this Haunted House? Margam Castle is a Tudor Gothic castle that was built in the mid-1800’s. It has many spectacular features, such as the beautiful winding staircase and an old cistercian Abbey; the castle is located near Port Talbot, South Wales. Because of the history of this castle no one has inhabited this place for over a hundred years! Guests have the option to spend the night until 7AM. If guests wish to stay the whole night they will have to bring their own sleeping bags as there are no beds to sleep in.

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Pretty much. I think the statistic is that 53% of people die in their sleep. As for murders, chances are if you are going to find someone alone and without witnesses, it would be in their own home. The more private the residence, the easier things are for the murderer if premeditated and have the case remain unsolved due to the lack of forensic science during that time, thus resulting in a ghost story that's fun for the whole sightseeing family.
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Let down. Only 3 of those places were creepy. And a monastary? How did that make the list? Unless you think priests and nuns are creepy, which I kind of do.
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At some point, we will reach a population level where every residence will have had at least one person die in it. Then where will superstitious idiots live?
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