Paper Airplane Kept Aloft with Fans

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“Aerodynamics say that if drag and thrust are equal, as in this video, the plane should move forward, not stay in the same position… why is this? Because the left one runs slower? than the right one.”  Sounds logical, but what an impressive visualization.

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I don't think this is a demonstration of lift/drag/thrust. I haven't had a chance to get the fans out of the attic to try this yet but I think they created a vortex around the plane. The fan is blowing a toroid, so there's actually a stable high pressure (low velocity) zone in the middle. Sometimes in department stores you'll see a fan pointed upwards with a beach ball floating in the low velocity region. For the more powerful fans they point the fan off the vertical. I think the clever thing here is the video used two horizontal fans and figured out how to create a stable zone in the middle with enough updraft to keep the plane aloft. That would explain why the fans don't point directly at each other. Or could be faked. I have to try it out.
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"not because they have an airfoil."

This is wrong, anything placed in airflow can generate a certain amount lift and become an airfoil - do some research. The simple principle behind this is that it is indeed "flying" or "moving forward" relative to the air around it. There's no magic behind it. Pretty neat I must admit.

But remember anything in flight only has to do with the relative airspeed around the lifting body (or wing)
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Paper airplanes fly by the "kite/glider" principle, not because they have an airfoil.

An airfoil would, indeed, develop lift as air is passed over it.

A paper airplane wing, however, would either descend smoothly, or pitch up/stall (repeat) if enough air were present.

Bottom line: they shoulda used a real wing, and even then, I'm skeptical they'd get it precisely tuned enough.
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