Nun Robbed in Parking Lot

A man asking for money approached two nuns in a California parking lot.  When the nuns refused to give him money the man made off with sister De Leon's purse instead. This guy is on Santa's naughty list for sure.
Sister Mary De Leon was with another nun and had just finished their shopping at the Food 4 Less. They were loading groceries in the trunk of their car when the suspect approached them in broad daylight two weeks ago. Surveillance video captured the crime on tape...

"She was blaming herself for leaving her purse in front of the car," said Sister Mary Fatima Guevara of the Poverello of Assisi School.

Guevara said De Leon has already forgiven the suspects for the crime.


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Wes: I am in full agreement with you. 99% of these thieves don't care at all as to who they rob and what effect their loss has on them.

And churches get robbed all the time. The ones here in Chicago are sometimes locked with thick metal chains, and the richer churches have ADT systems installed. It's not because they think the signs are cute, it's because some people are just deprived enough to rob a church.
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Rocky, you seem to have inferred an entire belief system into what I said. Let me explain it to you.

Thieves don't care who you are. They're jackholes. Why is anyone surprised that a thief would rob a nun? It's no more surprising that a jackhole robbed a woman wearing a habit than if had he robbed anyone else. I never understand why people think it's so unbelievable when a church or a religious figurehead becomes the victim of a crime, because *criminals don't care about people*. Or as I summarized it initially, "Why should their ridiculous costumes automatically exempt them from crime?" Got it now?

My comments were targeted at the presumed exceptionality of the story, not toward the criminal or the victim. I never said, or even implied, I supported the thief. I never said, or even implied, the nun deserved it. But being a nun doesn't give a person any special protection from crime, so it's no more newsworthy than anyone else getting robbed.

Read only the words I wrote, Rocky, not the ones you wish I had written.

Oh, and my life is fine, and my audience is awesome.
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Wes, you already had an audience for far too long. You can't even shore up sympathy for an elderly woman who has taken a vow of poverty to pursue helping others, hence the "ridiculous costume."

Seriously, man, evaluate your life.
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"Only a ridiculous person uses the word 'ridiculous' so often."

Wow, got me there. Yet, I'm still waiting for you to explain how I depicted the thief as noble in any way.
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