Tiburon to Photograph License Plates of All Cars Entering Town

Tiburon, California, has become the first community in the United States to record the license plate of every car that enter or leave the town:

Plates will be compared to databases of stolen or wanted cars, with matches triggering an immediate alert to local officers. If detectives are investigating a crime, they will be able to search the records to try to find possible suspects. [...]

"If it lowers the crime rate even a little bit, then it's a great idea," said Yami Anolik, a 64-year-old real estate investor whose husband, Al Anolik, spoke in favor of the cameras at the meeting.

She said she did not share the privacy concerns of some of her neighbors, explaining, "If you're driving on a public road, you gave up your privacy already. If you want to be private, stay at home."

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(Photo: CJ Sorg [Flickr])

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Bearfoot, the truth is, legally, when you're in a public setting, you don't have a reasonable expectation of privacy. What you're talking about on the other hand, is premeditated harassment.
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What we need to do is to get as many people as we possibly can to start taking pictures of her in public and use her "you're in public, you gave up all rights to privacy" BS excuse against her.

I'd be willing to bet her tone would change quickly.
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My English teacher talks about this "Big Brother" type of stuff all the time. In fact this one time he said that it starts like this because, "If a person is asked to put a wire on them they'll say 'Sure! I'm not guilty, do what you please!' and then when the government wants to put a microchip in their baby's head to track their life the same person will go 'Sure my kids not gonna do anything wrong, go right ahead.'" But, my English teacher is a HUGE hippie! I do agree with VSBM too!!!!
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