She Saved the Puppies!

British citizen and experienced sailor Laura Hughes and her friend John Cochrane were battling gale force winds off the Turkish coast when a rope got caught in her boat's propeller and killed the engine. She sent a Mayday signal and a boat responded, but the crew demanded 10,000 euros for their rescue -more money than Hughes had. So she jumped in to swim to shore. But she had some precious cargo to take with her -two dogs and their nine puppies who were born during the boat trip!
So, wearing a lifejacket, Miss Hughes jumped out of the boat, carrying the nine Rottweiler puppies 'African-style' by balancing the crate on her head and holding the side with one hand while swimming with the other.

Mr Cochrane and the two adult dogs also jumped off the boat and swam to the nearest beach at the Greek resort of Lalissos about 100 metres from their boat.When they got to the shore, exhausted, they were helped by German tourists from a beach hotel and members of the emergency services.

The British Embassy found Laura and John a hotel room for the night - and the puppies spent the night at a local Greek police station.

Link -via Arbroath

(image credit: KNSNEWS)

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Too many good dogs die because someone would rather have a purebred puppy. And it's not just "stupid people" who shouldn't be trusted with pets to begin with-- plenty of well-meaning people are fed myths that to have a well-behaved dog you *must* get it young, preferably with papers.

There is nothing wrong in my book with giving dirty looks to people who knowingly contribute to a very serious problem.
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K!P says, i think its actually a international law that deals with salvages prices. its not uncommon. altough this was on the high side

This had nothing to do with salvage. The boat's owners were there and it was an emergency situation. Maritime law should dictate assistance not extortion.
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